Past conferences

Founded in 2003, Transforming the Mind has a vision to enthuse and motivate postgraduate students to heal the "great divorce" between their academic worlds of study and research, and their faith. The conference seeks to encourage Christian postgraduates to take a holistic approach to life, faith, and study. It hopes to give them a perspective of God's Kingdom that will excite them and inspire them to see research and work as part of their calling as Christians.

Read a little about our previous conferences or download some recent talks:

2017 - Transforming the Mind, with Joanna Colicutt, Mike Clifford and Maithrie White

2016 - Transforming the Mind, with Andrew Fellows, Debbie Dickson and Maithrie White.

2015 - Transforming the Mind, with Chris Wright, Rhoda Hawkins and Maithrie White.

2014 - Transforming the Mind: Northern Ireland, with Vinoth Ramachandra, Anthony Smith, and Mike Clifford. 

2014 - Transforming the Mind: Dovedale, with Ruth Bancewicz and Jonathan Brant.

2013 - Transforming the Mind, with Roy McCloughry, Donald Hay and Maithrie White.

2012 - Transforming the Mind: Wisdom and Wonder, with Colin Humphreys and Alison Phipps 

2011 - Transforming the Mind: Discovering the Imagination,  with Adrienne Dengerink Chaplin, Mike Clifford and Maithrie White

2010 - Transforming the Mind: Captivating Thoughts, with Alister McGrath and Edith Reitsema

2009 - Transforming the mind: Transforming the world? With Jonathan Chaplin and Joanna Colicutt

2008 - A beautiful mind? With Andrew Fellows and Stephan Lindholm

2007 - Excellence in Christ? With Vinoth Ramachandra

2006 - Disciplined for discipleship? Following Christ as a postgrad

2005 - Ready? Salted?

2004 - Turning the world upside down

2003 - Transforming the mind

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